• Work & Science behind medications
    Work & Science behind medications A psychiatric medication is a licensed psychoactive drug designed to modify the chemical makeup of the brain and nervous system. Effectiveness of medications is very high and many people find that benefits far outweigh the risks or side effects.
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  • Ending mental health stigma
    Ending mental health stigma Illnesses of the brain, while it has been studied extensively, are still not completely understood. Someone realizes that stigma exists when they themselves are diagnosed or a loved one is diagnosed. Read Facts vs. Fiction and what we can do the change how society sees mental illness.
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  • NOW is the time for Telepsychiatry
    NOW is the time for Telepsychiatry Tele-medicine services are two-way, interactive video and audio communications between a physician and a patient with a purpose of medical assessment, diagnosing and treatment of a medical condition. Learn more about what benefits Telepsychiatry offers to patients and communities.
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Welcome to Healthy And Happy America (HAHA) Corporation

Healthy And Happy America (HAHA) Corporation, is an outpatient psychiatric practice, located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It was founded in 2007 by Oghenesume D. Umugbe, M.D., out of his desire to work for himself, and to be an avenue for doing something that he really enjoyed – helping people in the community. Our president and medical director Dr. Umugbe is Board Certified, California licensed practicing psychiatrist. Dr. Umugbe has over 30 years of medical, clinical and administrative experience.

We are delighted and honored that you have chosen us as your psychiatric service providers. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care, and hope to form a partnership with you to work toward your mental health goals, no matter what your current state of health. By sharing our mental health expertise with you, we hope to become an invaluable part of your quest for well-being.

Our philosophy: we strive to guide fellow human beings to their optimum health and happiness. Together we can end mental health stigma and improve your mental health!


Reasons for Psychiatric Evaluation

Mental health disorders can present a wide spectrum of symptoms. It is often difficult to distinguish mental health symptoms from other illnesses, aging, stress or grief. One of the biggest steps in overcoming mental and emotional illness is making the decision to seek treatment. When mental illness is not treated, it may worsen and eventually interfere with your work, school, family life and everyday tasks. If you can receive effective treatment now and significantly improve the quality of your life, why wait?
We have compiled a list of the most obvious signs that now is the time to seek professional psychiatric help. Read more >>